Regulate area council acts – Chiefs responsibility

DEAR EDITOR, I would like to speak for the chiefs who are implementing an important role within our country that also liaise with the government’s plan of action but they were ignored for their time, sweat and thoughts.

It is understood for the establishment of chiefs acts, the Late Mr Solomon Mamaloni who initiated the local government and called it Area Council and amend its Acts for the chiefs in the rural communities to implement the Acts that the chiefs may as well achieve at the end of the day.

Engaging and trusting the chiefs to carry out major issues in the rural communities for example, land settlement and problem solving without recognition from the central government to me is seen as an illegal while the government considers others for permanent employment.

The government of Solomon Islands while engaging and trusting the chiefs for implementing their roles in the communities should set up a structure for the chiefs according to this:

1)              House of Chief- Chiefs sat at the panel for hearing of land settlements should be paid an allowance from the government budget and not for the parties who brought forth the land dispute for settlement.

2)              Local Court Judge- Those appointed to be members of the local court if the Solomon Islands government may consider their payment to a level in the Ministry of Justice and Legal Affairs as level 4/5 with a sitting and travelling allowance.

3)              Customary Land Appeal Court Judge – The members of this legal body should be considered employment to a level, as level 6/7 also with sitting allowance, travelling and dangerous allowance.

The Solomon Islands Government since the country has grown up and mature in its 40 years, need to change and improve some of the Acts.

Read Psalm 92:6, it reads, Senseless man never know, stand, fools will never understand.

Jessie Bobby,

Baelelea, Malaita

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