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Ramrakha slams government over Gizo’s incomplete tourism complex

Provincial Member for Nusa Roviana and ward 16, Ramrakha Talasasa
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WESTERN province MPA Ramrakha Talasasa Jnr has slammed the national government over the incomplete multi-million dollar tourism complex in Gizo. The complex is now widely being described as an eyesore.

The Dunde-Nusa Roviana MPA questions the national Ministry of Culture and Tourism why it is not doing anything about the incomplete national project.

He said that the Democratic Coalition for Change Government (DCCG) and now the Rick Hou government have failed to address this issue, and on the overall have failed Western province’s tourism industry and people.

Talasasa Jnr says the incomplete complex is a perfect mirror of the national government’s effort towards tourism, especially for the province.

“It is the Solomon Islands National Government and Ministry of Culture and Tourism responsibility, to improve infrastructure as their first priority to help complete this project.

“Western Provincial Government now in a situation where an infrastructure and million-dollar project which has been in discussion for six years now and the province will bring back the project to re-allocate for other Ministries to develop the site.”

Meanwhile, Western Province Premier David Gina has announced that the province will reallocate the land on which the complex stands for other ministries or interested business houses keen on developing it.

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