Province based CSOs learn good governance


A capacity needs assessment carried out by DSE (Development Service Exchange) has resulted in “Good Governance” workshops in two provinces this year.

According to the civil society organisation (CSO) which looks after all CSOs in Solomon Islands, the assessment was conducted to identify the training and organisational development needs of its members.

DSE found that some member organisations were lacking the understanding of good governance practices and their importance thus, hindering their ability to perform day to day activities and obtain funding from donors.

This was found particularly in provinces where few opportunities to access training was mentioned as a contributing factor.

Henceforth, DSE rolled out two good governance workshops in Malaita and Western provinces in March 2018 and May 2018 respectively, to help its members understand the importance of good governance within CSO’s and enhance their knowledge of how to govern community based organisations effectively.

Specifically, from the workshops, DSE stated that CSO board members will learn to explain the concept of good governance, principles of good governance, importance of good governance, how the principles of good governance can be applied to the work of their own organisations, reflect on their strengths and areas for improvement in their own governance practices and in their organisations and identify good governance practice models that can be adopted for their organisation’s situation.

The workshops also included two days of context appropriate training with the aim to build the individual capacity of board members, influence the governance systems of their CSOs and strengthen the overall culture or governance among CSOs in the provinces.

DSE mentioned that these two workshops will directly benefit CSO leaders, their organisations, beneficiaries of their CSOs and the communities they operate in.

Together, a total of 14 females and 20 males representing 10 organisations attended the workshops.

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