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Premiers against reduction of provincial fund

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PROVINCIAL premiers have surfaced their disagreement on the national government’s initiative to reduce the provincial fund.

This is their reaction to the government’s purported decision to drop $2million from the $12million allocated for the provinces this year.

A reliable source told this paper that currently all the premiers are in Honiara to discuss a way forward with the national government on the matter.

The source said premiers are expected to bring the needs of the provinces to the table when they meet with the national government.

This proposed move by the national government spells trouble for the provincial governments, many saying that their service delivery will be adversely affected, including activities under provincial administrations.

The source said lots of projects have been earmarked by the provincial governments for implementation this year.

“Some of them are continue projects from last year whilst others maybe standby ones to be implemented.

“But they all depend on this fund to be implemented.

“So if the fund reduces as what now said, some of the projects will incomplete or eliminated since no fund to facilitate them,” the source said.

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