Premier Malaita urges people to talk about violence against women



Premier Peter Ramohia speaking during the official opening of the 16 days activism in Auki on Monday.

PREMIER of Malaita province urges the people in Malaita to continue to talk about violence against women and girls.

Hon Peter Ramohia said having the passion to talk about this issue will become a part of an individual’s life, thus they can continue to speak about it within their own families and communities.

Speaking during the official opening of the16 days’ activism of violence against women and girls in Auki yesterday, Ramohia said the theme, “Iu herem vois blo me: end violence against women and girls” has committed itself to spread awareness of this issue.

Ramohia said this shows just how important the issue is.

“My good people of Malaita, we are part of the globe in this campaign and I want us to continue talking about violence against women. We must talk about it in our family, to our children, in our churches, work places and everywhere we live. We must not tire to talk about it and we must not also tire to hear about it, we must not stop talking about it until people know about it,” Premier Ramohia said.

He said ending violence against women, girls and children are everyone’s responsibility and together everyone must join effort to address this issue.

He said people must be kept reminded on the issue to ensure individuals and stakeholder continue to work on this important issue.

The Premier said, Malaita provincial government see the issue of gender as very important. He said they have been trying their best to support the work of the national government in the province.

He said early this year they launched the first ever policy for women in the province.

He said this is an ongoing commitment by his government on women and gender.

Ramohia said although the policy does not necessary target very issue of gender based violence, it is looking at other areas where women need to be supported and work together in this kind of campaign.

He said women must be supported and empowered so that they become important people in decision making in communities, right up to the political level.

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