Police conducts investigation on PRT officers’ actions

ACTING Police Commissioner Mostyn Mangau says the Police will conduct a thorough investigation into the incident that occurred at the Tenaru area where Police Response Team officers cause injury to an innocent person.

Mr Mangau said that such incident is unfortunate however such incident not only happened here but around the world in some cases it happened where security forces caught up with unfortunate incidences.

He said the incident has drawn much attention in the media this week and police are taking the issue seriously and calling on the victim to also come forward to the police to submit his complaints.

Mr Mangau said RSIPF when such incident happened, involving officers the RSIPF will not take the issue lightly but a full investigation must be conducted.

He also said the issue is currently being investigated by the Professional Standard Internal Investigation of the RSIPF and when the investigation is finalized then a report of the incident will be released.

Mr Mangau said since investigation is ongoing he will not dwell much on what is happening on the ground during the incident.

When asked about whether they have received any civil suit against the RSIPF regarding the said incident, he said nothing has been received as yet but any civil suit is welcomed as it is part of the legal process to deal with such incident.

Police on earlier report said that as part of the ‘Hunt Man’ Operation following the escape of three inmates from the Correctional Services Solomon Islands (CSSI) Rove Prison, the Police Response Team (PRT) deployed as part of the Operation given the believe that the three escapees are armed and between 8 pm and 10 pm on the night of January 6 2020 they received information that one of the wanted persons has been sighted in the Tenaru area.

Prior to arrival at the Tenaru School Bus stop the PRT team met a male person which matched the description provided by the informant earlier that evening.

The PRT team clearly identified themselves as Police Officers to the male person. In actual fact the Team identified themselves as Police Officers, three times but the male person ran away from the PRT team.

The male person refused to stop and kept on running it was at that time that the alleged incident occurred.

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