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PM: nothing left to explain

PM and Madam Sogavare arriving at Nausori airport.


PRIME Minister Manasseh Sogavare says there is nothing left to explain to the world about Solomon Islands’ security pact with China.

He says explanations to the Sino-Solomons deal have been exhausted.

He made the statement when speaking to regional journalists during the Pacific Island Forum Leaders Meeting held in Suva, Fiji last week.

Sogavare emphasised that the best way going forward is to rebuild trust between those concerned and Solomon Islands.

“I believe it is now time for our friends and partners to also understand what we are saying and trust us. It’s all about trust.

“And accept our explanation as well our commitment to our peace progress and prosperity of our region.

“I also ask the media to be objective and accurate in presenting our case instead of contributing to misinformation which leads things blow out of proportion and this opportunity will be rested that opportunity to clear the information,” he said.

Sogavare said Solomon Islands respects the sovereignty of each country when they make decisions; and Solomon Islands asks for the same respect from others in relation with China.

He told journalists that the principles of respect for sovereignty and non-interference are enshrined in the 2000 Biketawa and 2018 Boe Declaration.

“It’s important for us, very important for us, Solomon Island ask others to respect these principles in the same way Solomon Islands does not interfere in the sovereign issues of any member of Pacific family.

“As a member of the same family, we must also understand the diversity of the region, each countries equality, their stage of development and of course their needs.

“I think we must also ensure all communiques and meetings such as we are having now are very important talanoa, speak to each other, raise concerns, ask questions especially during this very challenging times when we are collectively confront by the pandemic and effects of Ukraine/ Russian war as well as increasingly complex geopolitical landscape of our region,” Sogavare said.

He said Pacific Islands Forum plays a critical role to ensure sovereign issue by each forum country do not undermine the security of forum members individually or collectively.

Sogavare said his delegation to the 51st Pacific Islands Forum Leaders Meeting has held talks with leaders in the Pacific so as donor partners about the China/Solomon Islands Security Arrangements to which responds were positive.

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