Perch students’ futures jeopardised by HCC law enforcers


THE future of standard-six and form-three students of Perch Christian School have been put in jeopardy by Honiara City Council law enforcers.

Yesterday, while the students were sitting their entrance examinations, HCC law enforcers arrived with bulldozers and excavators threatening to demolish the school’s fence.

School Principal, Mr Paul Allen Daro told this paper yesterday that the issue is an old one however they were not made aware of any demolition plans by the HCC set for yesterday.

“But what surprised us was we don’t even aware of the demolishing exercise planned for the school fence this week.

“And our biggest concern is for the students who are sitting for their exams.

“Because if we were consulted on the exercise earlier, I would consult with HCC on the demolishing exercise.

“But that doesn’t happened since they never inform us of any plan they have for the school this week.

“And it’s very disrespecting, showing HCC staff failed to respect the students, parents and the school for that particular examination matter,

“The students are in the classes when the HCC officers came and made disturbance on movements and machinery noises in the school compound,” Daro said.

The HCC law enforcers also admitted not being aware of the exams being in progress.

Daro said they were following the demolition order given them by the HCC city clerk for the school fence.

“They insisted to carry out the exercise even we try to explain the importance of the students who are sitting for their exams.

“The incident grew and involved parents who were also at the school to help the school staff to ease the situation in the interest of the students,” he said.

Daro said the officers eventually agreed to postpone the demolition plan for any date after the exams.

Meanwhile, the director of Perch School, Ms Lydia Yeo, has expressed disappointment and much concern for her students.

She said HCC needs to weigh the importance between the students and the exercise.

Adding that the students are for the future betterment of the country and they should be respected for the course of their exam.

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