Perch School calls on HCC for dialogue


THE Perch Christian School has appealed to the Honiara City Council (HCC) to enter into dialogue over how to settle the matter between them.

Admin Officer of the school, Mr Michael Riola, makes the call following yesterday’s disturbance on Perch’s students undergoing exams by HCC law enforcers.

He insists that the matter can be solved amicably if both parties consult and come up with an agreement with each other.

On the outset, he claims that HCC had permitted Perch school to erect the fence, adding that other authorities also approved of it.

He shares that recent change in tone by the authorities comes as a shock to the Perch school.

Riola also added that there are $300,000 to $400,000 was used in the construction of the fence.

He said it would be a huge financial loss for the school if the fence were to be demolished.

Riola suggests HCC allows the fence to remain until such time that road expansion reaches the area before taking it down.

Riola stressed that most important is the role the school plays to the human resources of the country.

He said HCC should take into consideration the benefit it has on the country and not only to prioritise demolishing of the fence, which will be risky for the school children.

Riola said this is very important and HCC should reconsider their decision and work together with the school to address the matter in a consultative way.

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