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NRH to address floor -bed problem 

Patients lying on the floor at the Emergency-Outpatient area, Friday June 24. Photo by Irwin Angiki


NATIONAL Referral Hospital (NRH) has set in place short- and long-term measures to address the floor-bed problem that has been an ongoing sight at the hospital.

This was confirmed by the Chief Executive Officer of the National Referral Hospital (NRH) Dr George Malefoasi in a recent press conference organised by the Office of the Prime Minister (OPMC).

“Unfortunately, we have excess number of patients but already we have some short term and long-term actions for that issue. It will be a bit slow for us to carry out but you will see some changes soon,” Malefoasi said.

He said the short-term measures include, the NRH providing some additional beds and additional long-term measures will be carried out soon as well.

Malefoasi said it comes back to people if they are sick, ensure they take their medicines.

“Many of the patients out there are defaulters’ people who are on High blood pressure who did not get their medication and come back to NRH.

“They are very sick so we cannot let them return home but to look after them at NRH as long as they are on treatment,” he said.

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