Ngella MP carries out last Constituency tour


PARAMOUNT Chief and Member of Parliament for Ngella Constituency Hon Bartholomew Parapolo carried out his last Constituency Tour at Haleta Village, Central Big Ngella, over the weekend.

Seeing off with his last Constituency Tour was the commissioning of the new Ngella Longana and Haleta House of Chiefs (Vale Vaukolu) being 24 Chiefs in total.

Despite the Parliament House dissolving soon this December, Paropolo assured his people of his continuous support towards the development of Ngella Constituency and will continue through whoever new government will be for the next 11th Parliament of Solomon Islands.

One very important reminder Parapolo made for Ngella Constituents is to allow lands for further development in the Constituency since this is a hiccup to development.

“The government is always waiting to step in to assist but only if our people allow our lands in the Constituency before we can see further developments take place as well. This is in the area of tourism, roads, airstrip and other areas of developments.

The commissioning of the new Ngella Longana and Haleta House of Chiefs (Vale Vaukolu) that took place on Sunday at Haleta Village during the last Constituency tour of Ngella’s MP. PHOTOS BY MANEBONA BARNABAS

Advising the newly commissioned Chiefs, Parapolo explained that the National Government sees the importance to develop the nation through its House of Chiefs seeing the passing of the Traditional Governance Bill being passed.

“This is the Bill that will empower you to carry out duties especially in customary lands putting together with the Lands Act and so to clear way for development into the Constituency.

“If you have this clear picture then it will clear the way for development to occur through Ngella.

“But if you do not see this vision clearly and do not work towards achieving it then we will still be going around in the same circle. So please speak with our landowners in Ngella over this understanding,” said Ngella’s Paramount Chief.

Paramount Chief and MP for Ngella Constituency Bartholomew Parapolo being led by Haleta Village warriors during his last Tenth Parliament Constituency tour over the weekend at Haleta Village, Central Big Ngella.

Parapolo also elaborated that there is now cost funding for roads in Sandfly and both Big and Small Ngella to make way for development in the Constituency in which such developments is not for the government but the resource owners of Ngella.

On his last Constituency Tour Parapolo also gave time for questioning on which local Constituents took the opportunity to question their MP over doubts and issues so their MP can clarify their queries. The most famous questions debated were Ngella’s said detained Constituency Ship, Constituency education fees, developments planned for tourism and the Constituency’s project scheme.

Haleta’s Village Chief Mr John Raoni on behalf of Haleta and Longana people and the surrounding communities of the Constituency attending their MP’s last Constituency Tour took the opportunity to thank Hon Parapolo for choosing their village for his last tour and further thanked him for his assistance towards their Constituency’s developments during his current term now that is almost complete.

Constituents listening to Hon Parapolo during his last Constituency Tour for Solomon Islands Tenth Parliament over the weekend at Haleta Village, Big Ngella.
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