Ngati calls on the AG


VURA ward Councilor Reginald Ngati has called on the Attorney General’s office to tighten up the Honiara City Council’s legal office to do its mandated duties.

Ngati made the call following statements made by a Magistrate regarding confiscated items not produced in court as exhibit by HCC Law Enforcement officers.

He said there are a lot of things needed to be put right in the council, the legal office needs to interpret the regulations properly so that officers know their roles when implementing the ordinances.

“I applaud the Magistrate who made the ruling concerning the behaviour of the HCC law enforcement officers, for not providing confiscating items like the cigarette rolls and betelnut fruits in court.

“I just wonder how some previous HCC cases got convicted without those exhibits,” Ngati said.

Ngati said he wanted the Attorney General’s office to look into those issues and tighten up the office, as there are a lot of wrong legal interpretation on issues within the HCC.

He also said that HCC is an institution run by law and ordinances and the legal office is very important to guide this institution.

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