DCGA to release its first 100-days in office programme tomorrow

By Alfred Sasako

THE election of a new Governor General is expected to top the “TO-DO” list the Democratic Coalition Government for Advancement (DCGA) plans to implement in its first 100 days in Office.

Details of the to-do list will be announced tomorrow.

Government sources told Island Sun on Wednesday the hunt is now on for someone to replace the incumbent, Sir Frank Kabui, whose five-year tenure ends on July 7 this year.

Sources have also confirmed that the eye is now firmly on Isabel Province for a new Head of State. Isabel Province has identified at least three prominent individuals, including a retired Bishop and a former Member of Parliament for the job.

Isabel Province’s three current Members of Parliament are reportedly split on the choice for a Governor General as each of the three potential candidates is also from the three constituencies.

“The fact that each MP would want to align his Constituency with the new Head of State is going to make things a little tough for the MPs,” one man said.

It is understood the three Isabel candidates said to be vying for the job are former Archbishop and current Principal of Selwyn College, David Vunagi, former MP Clement Rojumana and retired Bishop Richard Naramana who founded the Honiara-based and successful Varivao Holdings Ltd, a company that is leading in the export of food crops such as cassava to Australia.

Bishop Naramana’s credentials include being head of a group which is completing the idea of establishing Senior Secondary School with just Forms 6 and 7.

Insiders told Island Sun the choice of Isabel for the top job is in line with the understanding that every province be given a turn in occupying the top job.

Solomon Islands has produced six Governors General since independence in 1978. The first was the late Sir Baddeley Devesi who hailed from Guadalcanal Province, followed by Sir George Lepping from Western Province. He too had passed on.

Sir Moses Pitakaka from Choiseul Province followed. He too had since died.

There are three living Governors General. They are Sir John Ini Lapli of Temotu Province, Sir Nathaniel Waena of Makira/Ulawa Province and Sir Frank Kabui of Malaita Province.

Should Isabel Province get the gong this year, two Provinces – Central and Renbel – will await their turns over the next 20 years.

Meanwhile it was disclosed yesterday that the release on Friday of the ‘To Do’ list in the first 100-day in Office is a prelude to the main DCGA Policy document, being launched at the end of June.

Insiders said consultants have been engaged on a two-month contract to translate the main document in time for its launch at the end of June – two months after the DCGA assumed office under Prime Minister Sogavare’s leadership.

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