HRUA continues preparations for new season

By Taromane Martin

Transfer period of players for the 2021 Honiara Rugby Union Association (HRUA) rugby 15s season will open next month.

HRUA President Brian Taupiri confirmed while providing updates on preparations for the new league season.

He stated the transfer period is set to begin one week after the Man Up Competition on April 19th and closes before HRUA season kicks off.

“Transfer Period opens on 19th April to 26th April 2021. Players transfer fee is 500 per player per season,” he stated.

“Team list validation is from last season 2020. No Players movement for both divisions. Affiliation Fees-$200 per annum.

“Registration Fees- $4000 Premier/ $2000 Division A/ club with two teams pays 50% Division A registration fee. New Comers to HRUA premier division- Malaita Crusader’s,” Taupiri updated.

But some clubs intending to join the new HRUA season have accused the HRUA President of personalizing the HRUA rugby competition for the benefit of TIA Warriors rugby club, which Taupiri is a patron off, and also about the inclusion of Malaita Crusaders into the Premier Division.

Taupiri denied all allegations stating M/Crusaders direct entry saying it was an executive decision and also defended the reason for the new transfer of players rule set by his executive.

“This is an executive decision, nothing to do with TIA. The reason for transfer is for integrity of players and clubs, we are trying to raise the standard of the game,” Taupiri stated.

“We need to keep the game on standard, players movement must be done properly so that Sponsors have the confidence to invest in rugby plus clubs gets the respect for its players. We must make positive changes to improve the game.

“The Crusader’s team entry into Premier Division is because it’s players, all are premier division players last season for another team.

“Premier Division has its top four direct entries and we have additional reputable teams to compete as well. Once things rolled perfectly then we can introduce a movement system see teams relegate. In the meantime, we are trying to get all loops covered and improvement.

“Transfer fees goes directly to clubs whose players are move out to another club, the receiving club is to pay $500 to the host club, and host club is too pay $100 to HRUA per player transfer.

“It applies to all clubs. Everything that my execute is doing right now is for the best interest of rugby. My executive is trying their best to raise the standard of the game and do what is for the best interest of rugby in the country,” Taupiri adds.

The HRUA President meanwhile said his executive is currently working on their ground rules for this season and once completed will all all clubs to come forward and meet to go through everything.

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