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Naha short route to end soon

The Chairman of the Taskforce Mr Eddie Ngava said they are aware many bus still running short route from SDA to Naha route
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THE short bus route from the Kukum Hot Bread Kitchen to Naha will close as the SDA church junction completes.

Honiara City Council (HCC) taskforce reassures public of this after many complaints hit social media over buses running the short route.

Chairman of the Taskforce Councillor Eddie Ngava said they are aware many buses are still running the short route from SDA to Naha.

However, he says they have allowed this to continue awaiting the completion of the SDA church junction before they come down hard on buses running that short route.

“At the moment we are liberal to buses which is one reason why people see short route continue there, and HCC Law Enforcement are not regularly seen bus stop for inspection that far.”

But, as soon as highway and roundabout completes, bus operators on that area will not have any excuses, he adds.

“So far so good, we are happy that everybody is complying, and we understand big issue now is short bus route from SDA to Naha but it is only allow while the road upgrading is there,” Mr Ngava said.

Meanwhile, HCC plans to put additional bus routes to backway roads, and this will come to effect after the highway is complete

“During our monitoring we are looking at putting additional bus route to back ways roads , for example transport services to people use Kombevatu, but we will assess it properly before we can say yes to it,” Ngava said.

HCC advices public to use their toll free number—25190 and 21191 Law Enforcement to give information relating to public transportation.

“Council also needs support from community and individuals as they cannot be seen everywhere at once,” Ngava said.

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