MFMR holds public service performance management (PMP) workshop


AS host of this second PMP refreshing workshop, the MFMR family is delighted to invite and have you share your views, expertise and experiences on the theme “Effective implementation of Public Management : Our Strategic Goal”.

This statement was made by Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources (MFMR) Supervising Permanent Secretary and Under Secretary for Corporate Services, Mr Patteson Lusi who was speaking to guests and staff at the first day of their second Public Service Performance Management (PMP) workshop at OG Conference room yesterday.

Initially, he told participants that their prompt response to attend the workshop illustrates how important the outcome of the workshop is to the work of MFMR, Ministry of Public Service, the national government and the national parliament now and beyond.

On this note, Mr Lusi acknowledged the presence of National Parliament’s Deputy Clerk, Mr David Kusilifu adding that his attendance demonstrated the continuous commitment and support of his office on formal events organized to strengthen the professional services of MFMR and its fisheries officers.

He also welcome 55 plus MFMR officers representing 6 divisions within MFMR and two international funded fisheries projects, MISSIF and PROP who will attend the two day workshop.

“I am aware the two days program will be intensive but rewarding as it will allow participants to learn, discover and experience the real practice and procedure of delivering quality PMP in a government ministry”, said Lusi.

He added that participants will have the opportunity to hear from Ministry of Public Service’s facilitator about the corporate plan, divisional work plan and individual work plan and how these governing documents are reflected in the PMP form.

The Under Secretary told participants to engage and get as much as they can from the presentations, group discussions and mock sessions over the two day period.

Moreover, he went on to discuss the final day of the workshop which will take place today.

Mr Lusi explained that today’s outline will involve a presentation by National Parliament’s Deputy Clerk, Mr Davie Kusilifu.

“On the second and final day, we’ll have the chance to listen to Deputy Clerk of National Parliament on the experience of parliament as one of the few institutions used as a pilot project testing relevance of PMP in Solomon Islands public sector in 2012-2013”

“Furthermore, how parliament management and officers successfully delivered the PMP and outcomes of the PMP through evidence work promotions and annual individual increments”, he said.

Mr Lusi in final remarks stated that he is more excited to observe today’s session where participants and facilitators will take part in two interview mock sessions where selected officers representing MFMR’s six divisions will dramatize the best formal approach of when a supervisor meets a junior officer to discuss and translate the DAWP and IWP to a PMP document.

“As eluded earlier, I am happy to announce that this is the second occasion in 2018 for National Parliament, Ministry of Public Service and MFMR to collectively facilitate a workshop for the management and officers of MFMR”, he said.

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