MFAET to launch foreign policy 2023


MINISTRY of Foreign Affairs and External Trade will launch Solomon Islands foreign policy during the course of 2023.

Currently, there is a draft policy on the country’s foreign policy in place.

Minister of MFAET, Jeremiah Manele told the sine die motion in Parliament last week that his Ministry will undertake consultations with all line ministries during the first quarter of 2023.

“It is our hope the final document or policy will be ready before August 2023.

“We intent to have a foreign policy with phase and power to advance Solomon Islands vital and core interests,” he said.

Further to that, Manele said the foreign policy is to guide and boost the full potential of the country.

“And this policy will no doubt take into account the ongoing competition for influence in our region or geo politics,” he said.

Moreover, Manele said the Government sees the geopolitical competition for influence in the region and elsewhere, both as a challenge and opportunity.

“It is not new.

“I don’t think it is matter that is haunting us,” he said.

“I believe it is a matter that we should see, though it is a challenge, but there are also opportunities.

“And Forum leaders have come to see geo politics in the region both as a challenge and as an opportunity,” he added.

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