MECDM undergoes organisational workshop


THE Ministry of Environment, Climate Change, Disaster Management and Meteorology (MECDM) held an organisational restructuring workshop at the Town Ground complex yesterday.

The workshop under UNDP and SIMCAP’s (Solomon Islands Meteorology Capacity) development project, paved way for the Ministry’s Permanent Secretary, division officers, Ministry of Public Service’s officers and MECDM’s consultant to discuss and exchange ideas on organizational restructuring of the ministry to boost efficiency, effectiveness and competence in the delivery of its services.

Among speakers at the workshop was MECDM’s consultant, Mr Peter Forau who spoke about the criteria for the design of the ministry’s new structure.

Whilst explaining the first component of the criteria he stressed that the principles of effectiveness, efficiency, clarity, simplicity and flexibility must be visible and mentioned that working on the structure is like mapping up the work of the ministry thus, it must be clear and simple.

In addition, he said that the structure must coordinate the work of the divisions without breaking any law or act with the inclusion of exercising the flexibility of additional services.

Referring to the second criteria requirement, Mr Forau stressed that the new design must reflect the hierarchy within the country’s Public Service as this hierarchy is based on established superior subordinate relationships and reflects a vertical line of command.

As he proceeded to discuss the criteria’s third component which emphasised on the design of the new organisational structure, he said that it must illustrate a clear division of labour based on a span of control that is at least more than one staff to one supervisor.

Mr Forau said that the new design should avoid the creation of loops that would describe the existence of multiple supervisors for one subordinate thus every subordinate must have only one supervisor.

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