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Measures to help in students learning



STUDENTS in forms 3, 5 and 6 are given specific units by Ministry of Education and Human Resources to prepare for their exams towards end of this year.

Also, students in non-examination classes are guided by their teachers with right subjects to learn from.

This came about following five months of learning loss due to the covid-19 pandemic that affected face-to-face learning between students and teachers.

Minister Lanelle Tanangada confirmed this when asked by Member of Parliament for Small Malaita, Rick Hou in Parliament on Tuesday.

“Definitely, looking at the curriculum materials, in reality, 40 weeks to cover everything in 27 weeks is not possible for teachers to squeeze everything within.

“So, what we are focussing on is the examinable classes. We gave specification of units that teachers really need to cover so that students can sit their exams and progress to the next,” she said.

Tanangada said for the other students, they are hoping that at least teachers cover main things that students need to learn and they will continue to catch up in the next year or so.

Furthermore, Lanelle said from the ministry level down to schools, they really want to encourage parents to send their children to schools.

She said there was an allowance for students to repeat as the minister has power for students to repeat.

Tanangada said not only Solomon Islands is experiencing this, other countries are affected by covid 19.

She said in terms of getting in classroom, definitely there will be spaces in provinces, only town is full.

Moreover, Tanangada said the ministry will review the continue learning programme broadcasted on SIBC because schools have resumed classes.

She said the feedback from the radio programme is not good because students get use to face to face learning.

Further to that, she said UNESCO and UNICEF is supporting the ministry on e-learning on schools throughout the country.

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