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Mayor orders law enforcers to step up

Elections would be held to replace the Lord Mayor of Honiara City Council Wilson Mamae.


HONIARA City Council (HCC) Mayor Wilson Mamae has given ‘directive’ for the council’s Law Enforcement officers to step up in their duty for this year.

The Mayor is taking action in response to continued criticisms that the council is not doing its job seeing that there is increased illegal activities going on in the heart of the city such as public drinking, drunkenness, and illegal markets.

Replying media enquiries, spokesperson for the mayor’s office said the incumbent has taken note of the public criticisms and has issued the order for his law enforcement officers.

“The Mayor, HCC Clerk and Chairman of the HCC Law Enforcement have already met last Friday with law enforcement officers to discuss over this matter of concern. Mayor Mamae had given strong talk and advice for the Officers and reminded them of their duty to keep the ordinances and by-laws being part of their responsibility.

“So for assurance, the City Mayor from growing concern has given directive to the law enforcement officers to step up this year in their role.”

It is understood according to HCC that a few arrests took place in the city last week over illegal activities.

For this year, HCC says it is looking forward to improve services in the city.

As a reminder, HCC asks the general public to comply.

“We advise to please comply with HCC as we are trying to make the capital a clean, better and safe place,” said the spokesperson from HCC.

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