MASI convenes successful 2018 AGM

MASI President, Charles Kadamana

“A successful year but one filled with many challenges for MASI.”

These were the words expressed by the President of the Media Assocation of Solomon Islands (MASI), Mr Charles Kadamana, during the 2018 MASI Annual General Meeting (AGM) held on Saturday, September 29.

Kadamana described to his members that 2017-2018 was a very tough year for the association.

“Whilst our journey over the past 12 months was filled with successes and achievements, MASI also encountered turbulent challenges along the way.

“But the good news is that, we have overcome all those challenges and through those experiences, it is a stepping stone to further up-lift MASI.”

The MASI AGM took place at the Mothers Union Hall at All Saints, Pt Cruz with members in attendance, receiving first-hand information about MASI’s operations over the past financial year.

Members, mostly journalists and media industry workers were briefed over MASIs’ Financial Report and President’s Report, which produced in detail MASI’s overall operations under its current fully funded donor support set-up.

“This is an important event for (MASI) because it is the only time of the year where we come together to report on the progress of our work, achievements, challenges and openly discuss and assess how we can move forward from now and on, as an organization,” Kadamana added.

MASI board members highlighted and acknowledged DFAT through UNDP/SECSIP, Strengthening Electoral Cycle Solomon Islands Project (SECSIP) for the Grant Agreement signed.

The support catered for the establishment of the new MASI Office, with dedicated human resources established to manage, operate and implement MASI funded and supported activities and events.

During the AGM, MASI members were given the opportunity to also comment and ask questions with few highlighting the importance of MASI to engage more with them (members).

It was also highlighted during the meeting about the urgency for MASI to secure other funding opportunities. MASI currently relies heavily on one donor, and therefore other partnerships and alternative revenue streams is necessary for MASI going forward. A call for MASI members to take ownership of the association was also made during the AGM.

According to Kadamana, MASI is futuristic; strategically placed to execute many plans.

However, it requires MASI members to be proactively involved in the process.

Kadamana believes that the visionary plans can only become reality when everyone is like-minded and working together to propel MASI forward.

MASI continues to maintain its pivotal role to provide strong leadership and support members of the media industry, collaborate with its stakeholders and the community to provide up to date quality news and information to all Solomon Islanders.


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