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Marovo shows how to spend public funds wisely

Hon Chachabule, H.E Li and Hon Seleso cut the ribbon to officialy launch Gasini market


Marovo, Western Province

MAROVO constituency has set an example on how government funds should be spent to benefit people in the rural area.

Yesterday, Marovo constituency opened a brand new market house at Gasini and at the same time officially launched the constituency’s fisheries initiative.

People waiting at Gasini port

A total of 160 boats, engines and eskies were distributed on Monday evening after the recipients signed a contract agreement with the government represented by the Ministry of Rural Development.

The contract binds the recipients and the government making sure the assets will be used for their intended purposes.

Boat parade in the Marovo lagoon

Speaking before the signing of the contracts, Member of Parliament for Marovo constituency, Chachabule Rebi Amoi said the assets are to help communities earn income.

He encouraged recipients to used the assets according to their purposes.

Marovo MP, Chachabule Amoi delivering his speech

“These boats, engines and eskies cost around 6 million. They are very expensive as such I urge you to take goof care of the assets.

“These assets will help you generate income for your financial needs,” Amoi said.

He said the government will retrieve the assets if recipients fail to fulfill the agreement.

On the same note, Amoi urged the recipients to share the assets so that everyone can benefit from them.

Hon Chachabule, H.E Li and Hon Seleso unvail the plague of Gasini market

“I want to make it clear that these assets belong to your community. You are selected as recipients just to keep the assets and not owning the assets.

“Our election motto was leave no one behind, and now I want you not to leave anyone behind,” he said.

Caretaker Minister of Rural Development Rollen Seleso said the distributions boats, engines and eskies is a milestone for people of Marovo constituency.

Minister Seleso, Chinese Ambassador and MP, Chachabule Amoi

“On behalf of the government and my colleague Ministers and cabinet MPs, I congratulate Honourable Chachabule Amoi for this fine achievements.

“The government wants to see more developments like this in other constituencies to help build and improve our people’s livelihoods.

“We are very happy to see Marovo constituency leading the way by delivering most needed assistance to people of the constituency,” he said.

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