Malaita supporting crime prevention efforts

New Police Commander for Malaita province, Lesley Kili (standing) is speaking during the meeting yesterday in Auki.
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MALAITA provincial police (RSIPF) is continuing with its support and engagement with communities on crime prevention and by-law programmes and activities.

In an interview with PPC Malaita yesterday, Lesley Kili made the statement stressing the importance of policing work with communities in the province.

He said recently his team visited communities of Sulufou, Kofiloko, Sasava areas in North East Malaita to strengthen their Crime Prevention Committees (CPC) or By-Law Committees and provided awareness on policing work.

Kili said a by-law was launched in Kwara’ae are where police attended and assured of their cooperation with the by-law committee and the community.

He said there are communities with existing CPCs or by-law programmes where police is liaising with them to strengthen their operations.

Kili also said that as part of the programme many other communities are requesting police to assist them on the establishment of their by-laws and CPCs.

“Lots of supports coming from communities in the province for the program and police are happy and committed to work with them,” he said.

Kili assured that although provincial police are handicapped on areas like staffing and logistics, they will take time to provide assistance to the communities with the programme.

The PPC however urged people to work together and respect orders carry out by CPCs and bye-law committees in the province.

He said these committees become the focal point of police out in the rural communities and everyone must support each to uphold and respect law and order in our communities.