Malaita province care and counseling center

The initial construction of the Care and Counseling Center.

THE Diocese of Malaita along with the Community of the Sisters of the Church (CSC) is opening up a Care and Counseling Center for victims of domestic violence and child sexual abuse in Auki soon.

Apparently this is the first of its kind to be established in the province and already people have expressed their gratefulness for such initiative by the Church.

Child sexual abuse and domestic violence are alarmingly high in Malaita and Temotu Provinces.

Since arriving in Auki, Sr. Doreen had been busy dealing with cases of child abuse and domestic violence. A number of cases had already been reported to the Police for legal action.

It is anticipated that full operation of the center will begin in 2019. The center will not only provide counselling services but it will also become the province’s peace center.

Peace- building is an essential part of enhancing happy and stable communities in our province and nation.

The absence of peace among husbands and wives or parents and children is a major contributing factor to increased cases of violence in our rural communities.

At the moment the diocese is looking at partnering with other social service providers working to address domestic violence and child sexual abuse.

“We believe it is through partnership and networking that we would be able to effective address these issues in our communities”.

–Diocese of Malaita

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