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Malaita leads country in logging scale

Logging in Solomon Islands. Photo supplied



MALAITA province currently has the highest number of logging companies working in it, it is reported.

And, it is projected that the number of logging companies in Malaita will increase in the years to come.

Chief Forestry Officer of Malaita province, Mr Francis Kiriau in a recent interview said there are 20 active logging licences in Malaita province.

He adds that there are more licences in queue to be approved for operation in Malaita.

Kiriau said that in the coming months, Malaita will see more logging companies operating in the province as these pending licences get approved.

He said according to their record, the southern region of Malaita hosts most of the logging operations.

Kiriau said there were about two logging operations in the area of West Kwara’ae and West Fataleka and about one in East Malaita.

He said the areas with more logging activities started from West Kwaio toward Are Are (both East and West) and Small Malaita.

Kiriau said all the operations are Asian owned contractors and locally own licensees who incorporated the activities.

He said all these logging operations are on primary forests where natural forests continue to reap under these operations.

Kiriau said according to their data a total of 40 shipments were recorded of logs taking out from the province since January to June 2018. The number expects to double-up by this time.

He said that nationally, more logging activities pick-ups in Malaita, Guadalcanal and Choiseul provinces.

He said other provinces do existed with logging operation but not really to that much of the mentioned three provinces.

He said at the moment logging scoped the highest revenue government can collect in the country.

However, he said government’s proposal to scale down on logging by 2020 will be a blow for the country if they’re not considering major investments to take the place of logging.

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