Malaita government pushes for Suava Bay development



THE Malaita Provincial Government has given its support to working closely with landowners and partners in the development pursuit of Suava Bay.

And as part of its efforts, MARA has contributed towards reconciliation between rival tribes within the Suava Bay, as well as the signing of a MOU to allow tribes to work together in developing the area.

Speaking during a recent visit by the Japanese Ambassador, His Excellency Miwa Yoshiaki to Mana’abu village on Suava Bay, Premier Daniel Suidani said he is eager to cooperate with landowners of Suava to develop a mega project for Malaita province and Solomon Islands.

He highlighted that apart from Suava Bay, other mega projects that are unfolding in the province are; Bina Harbour Tuna Processing Plant, SCALE NRM project and soon the New Kilu’ufi hospital project.

Suidani said for 20 over years, the national government has been trying to develop Suava and there were gaps needing connection that has resulted in the slow maneuver of the project.

He told landowners this is a new beginning, one that needs simplicity to collaborate with the government and development partners to make things done.

Suidani said his government believes in the spirit of inclusiveness and to leave no-one behind on the project.

“MARA government cannot do anything with you landowners. Though we signed whatever agreements, we must come back to you, we dearly need your cooperation.

“My government is also willing to hear the cries of every single tribe within the Suava Bay. And so, you must willingly come forward so that we can talk and work together,” he said.

According to Premier Suidani, 70 percent of development is all about talking whilst 30 percent is the actual work.

He said no major development happens overnight, there are processes to submit to and they require talking/discussions to make it happen as people expect.

On that note, Suidani acknowledged the Ambassador of Japan to Solomon Islands for accepting a site visit to the Suava Bay areato meet and hear from landowners.

“We want to convey our gratitude to the people and government of Japan.

“This is the moment we have been waiting for. We are waiting for a development partner that has similar principles to ours to willingly come forward and look into our cries.

“We have also been trying to develop Suava Bay for sometimes, however, there are shortfalls and nothing much has materialized on the ground as per development.

“Now, it’s a new beginning with different approaches being sought and we are committed to let no space for error in the pursuit of the Suava Bay project,” he said.

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