MAL looks at reoccupying Dodo creek


Minister Augustine Auga shaking hands with his new PS Ethel Francis during their dinner recently.

THE Solomon Islands Government is setting its lens on reoccupying the Dodo creek land and research facility, which belong to the government but was destroyed during the ethnic tension.

Ever since the ethnic tension, the ministry of agriculture (MAL) has been operating without a proper research facility.

And, since the return of peace, people have been rebuilding at the Dodo Creek area, and reports say the area has somewhat become a settlement.

MAL’s Research Development Division has been making several attempts but due to transition of government and other related issues they have been delayed.

MAL’s Minister Mr Augustine Auga said SIG has set up a taskforce to look at reoccupation of the Dodo creek land for agriculture research centre.

He said during a dinner with extension officers that government through MAL will reoccupy the Dodo creek land on the east side of Guadalcanal purposely for agriculture research engagement.

Auga said, “A taskforce is now setup to look at the reoccupation of the Dodo creek land for research centre or work towards securing an alternative site.”

Auga said agriculture sector is facing a lot of challenges such climate changes and pesticides which slower their development aspiration for the country and farmers.

Two male extension staff who part of the conference and dinner host by the Minister Auga.

He explained the biggest threat is coconut rhino beetle which are eating the population of coconut in the country, and thus reoccupying or revitalising the Dodo creek land is crucial.

“We may not been able to deliver on what we plan to do this year to assist our farmers due to lack of resources and challenges.

“However, the outcome of your discussion is important for us as it will help us reconsider how we need to improve the way we serve our farmers.”

MAL’s Director Extension Mr Michael Ho’ota despite challenges encountered urged the extension officers for support and collaboration purposely for improving support for farmers.

He through their continuous support it will boost food security and improve livelihood for country’s economy and local farmers.

Last week, Auga hosted a dinner to mark the official conclusion of its five-day conference build under the theme: “Farmers for Better Future”.

The conference was ended with a communique and it will be presented to Minister Auga soon.

Two female extension staff.

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