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Maelanga urges Solomon Islanders to embrace unity

Deputy Prime Minister, Manasseh Maelanga.


DEPUTY Prime Minister, Manasseh Maelanga urges Solomon Islanders to embrace unity rather than division.

Maelanga stressed this during the Mayor Independence Dinner at the National Auditorium last Friday.

The dinner was organised by Honiara City Council to celebrate the country’s 44th Independence Day after the country gained her independence in 7th July 1978.

This year’s theme is “Iumi Tugeda for a Stronger and Peaceful Solomon Islands”.

The theme calls for all Solomon Islands citizens to unite as fellow country men and women of the “happy Isles” to build the country into a stronger and peaceful place for everyone.

However, Honiara was the centre of the November riots last year and the outbreak of the Covid 19 that affected some families.

Maelanga said he liked the message preached by Reverend Edward Kolohai during the Thanksgiving service on the need to grow peace and unity by following the teaching of Jesus to love and forgive and not take revenge if someone wrongs you.

“We all come together with different backgrounds, diversity and cultures but we have to have one common understanding that is unity.

“We are one Solomon Islanders. We need to have this in our heart,” he said.

“When I was the Minister of Homes Affairs, I always travelled with national team to Mini Games, Pacific Games and Olympic Games.

“Sometimes when the national anthem cries, I am in tears because I think we are one,” he said.

However, Maelanga said some educated leaders don’t understand this and brain washed our people.

“Sometimes we know these things are right, but we them turn into wrongs,” he added.

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