LSL issues warning to unsuspecting land buyers in the Lungga area

By Alfred Sasako

THE Board of Directors of Levers Solomon Ltd [LSL] and Russell Islands Plantation Estates Ltd (RIPEL) have warned unsuspecting land buyers in the Lungga area in east Honiara, to watch out for “unauthorised” vendors selling land and issuing receipts which they say are suspects.

“Do not be fooled, do not be cheated, do not be coned,” Directors John Kapentana, Maurice Mae, Augustine Rose, Oliver Salopuka, Marion Wong and Patrick Wong, said in a full page advertisement published on Page 5 in today’s newspaper.

The directors said they were informed last week that someone was issuing sales receipts similar to the one shown in the photo below.

“This photo is an unauthorised receipt and is a fake. It is forgery and is potentially Fraudulent. This is now being investigated by RSIP,” the advertisement said.

It said someone was last week arrested by the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) on matters relating to this. “Police are now trying to retrieve monies paid,” the public announcement said.

“There may also be other fake Documents, including documents like Land Transfer forms, Sales Agreement and request for Consent from Commissioner of Lands and so on.

“Be warned that LSL has not issued any such receipts in the last 18-24 months. This includes any receipts or other documents, including Land Transfer form, issued by unauthorized persons, and which could be back-dated; showing a date 18-24 months ago,” the warning said.

“The public is warned that this is a common trick to backdate receipts and documents. It is highly advisable, if you have such a document, showing a date 18-24 months ago to come forward and get a fresh document signed by current directors,” adding LSL would not honor any dealings unless money was paid to genuine LSL bank account or paid to an authorised director.

“On the contrary of honouring such dealing, the Company (LSL) may instead seek to rectify it, and you could potentially lose your hard sweat.

The Directors named the “unauthorized persons” as Wim Van Vlymen, John Whiteside, Clement Natei (or his servant), David Iro (or his servant) and others.

“These unauthorized people, still believe that they hold authority and are meeting with Government Department (Lands, Company Haus, Registrar General, Ministry of Finance and Treasury, Members of Parliament as well as the Office of the Prime Minister.

“The Company says you should seek proper advice, as you are likely to be wasting your time dealing with unauthorized individuals,” the public announcement said.

“To avoid any harm to yourself, deal only with the appointed Directors, who are: Oliver Salopuka, Maurice Mae, John Kapentana, Patrick Wong, Augustine Rose or Marion Wong.”

The directors also claimed “some people are forging the signatures for the above Directors.”

“LSL will be pushing for these people to be Criminally Charged, including their accomplices. As mentioned above Whiteside, Van Vlymen and others are unauthorised.

“It is wise and prudent that anyone doing any Land Dealing, to demand from the person signing receipts and documents to show some form of identification, example Drivers Licence or Passport.

“There are staka (lots of) fake people pretending to be someone else.

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