Journalists briefed with CAUSE project grievance redress mechanism system



JOURNALISTS in Gizo yesterday were briefed with Community Access and Urban Services Enhancement (CAUSE) Project’s Grievance Redress system.

The discussion was held at Gizo hotel and was conducted by Kevin Teferomu – CAUSE project Safety Officer and Lawrence Nodua – CAUSE Project Communication Officer supported by CAUSE Project Community Liaison Officer (CLO), Gizo Project Implementation Unit, Penny Siliako and Resident works supervisor here CAUSE Project Gizo Edwin Ghasapio were also present during the discussion.

In his presentation Mr Teferomu said CAUSE project has a standard procedure to resolve grievances.

He explained that the procedure is codified in the project’s policy which is endorsed by the World Bank and relevant Solomon Islands government agency

Teferomu said there are proper channels to launch a complaint and that is through standard procedures established under the project policy.

“Those who gone through Infrastructure Service delivery training (ISDT) know this policy.

“There is a form available at our provincial offices so as at the head office where Graduate trainees with grievance can fill.

“The form will go through an appropriate line of command find best solution.

“In addition, there is a box made available at our offices where trainees or public can drop their complaints.

“As per the policy, the issues will be deliberated within two weeks and feedbacks will be delivered or announced,” he explained.

Teferomu said there have been issues where complaints were raised outside of the standard procedures and this has created some misunderstanding in the community.

He further states that this policy is a guide to create better relationship with the project but also create better understanding of the way the project is operated.

“Such policy has penalties in an event workers are not following the guidelines these include, warning, reprimand, suspension from the project these applies for both people who project employed on a short term basis and staff of the project.”

Meanwhile Nodua said media plays a key role in information dissemination and at the same time educate people.

He thanked mainstream media for continuous reporting of the project’s milestone achievements.

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