HEBERPROT-P Medication for diabetic foot ulcers is what we want

DEAR EDITOR, the information you are going to read is of paramount importance to us significantly to the Highest Officials of the Government which includes the Prime Minister, but most importantly, the Minister and his Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Health & Medical Services, therefore we must paid utmost attention and immediately take action because faith without action is death or nothing at all.

Because what I am going to introduce to us all is new & essential to most of us in this country, but is not a stranger to some 30 countries around the world including the United State of America, Europe and Asia.

Our medical Doctors who had graduated from Universities in Cuba are not strangers either.

To-date it has reached more than 30 countries.

Created and Invented and manufactured in Cuba by none other but their Hero Fidel Castro in 1986,Heberprot-P product accelerates the healing of diabetic foot injuries and according to Cuban experts reduces by almost 70 percent the risk of amputation of the cases treated.

Even to-date, Cuban enterprise Heber Biotech and US company Mercurio Biotech have agreed to work together to make Heberprot-P, a Cuban developed medication to treat diabetic foot ulcers in the US.

Given the success of the product, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the United States Department of Health and Human Services and the Ministry of Public Health of the Republic of Cuba, on June 13, 2016, hoping that the Cuban developed medication will soon be available for patients in the United Sates.

So my question is, if these countries (30) are now benefiting from this drug or new invented medication, why can’t Solomon Islands follow suit?

After all, we have diplomatic ties and relationship with Cuba and our High Commissioner is also based in Havana, Cuba, Our Medical students are currently studying doing their degree and masters in Cuba, so why wait.

It is my humble view and indeed plea to our Prime Minister to direct his Minister and Permanent Secretary to seriously consider this very vital new invented medication (Heberprot-P) which I believe will alleviate or greatly reduce the current amputees level and foot ulcers to zero.

Solomon Island is no exception as more patients are diagnosed with diabetic foot ulcer annually.

This complication increases the risk of amputations of the lower limbs. It is estimated that over the last five years, the number of amputees and foot ulcers in the Solomon Islands has increased from 5,000 to 10,000, with negative consequences for families and health systems, and with great social and economic implications.

The costs involved in caring for our patients is phenomenal.

This medication is the answer for our entire Diabetic foot ulcers at the surgical ward and elsewhere in the country, and the quicker we have it here the better, therefore it must be pursued with relevant authorities in Cuba immediately. Our Surgical Ward badly needs it.

As such, I am demanding that an urgent Memorandum of Understanding be negotiated and signed between Solomon Island Government & and Ministry of Public Health of the Republic of Cuba on this arrangement for this new medication be urgently ordered and be available into our country.

Finally we the Patients at Surgical Ward, would like to make our plea to the Minister of Health & Medical Services, Prime Minister & Cabinet, if you have the guts, please do it.


Star Dora

Bed 24, Surgical Ward

National Referral Hospital

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