HCC on food sampling exercise


THE Food Inspection Unit under the Honiara City Council Health Division is currently out in the field on a food sample exercise.

The team, after completing a series of capacity trainings, are now conducting food sampling in various public food outlets in the city.

HCC Chief Health Inspector, Mr George Titiulu said on Tuesday this week the team are out in the field trying to get samples of foods within different areas in the food establishment.

“The idea so that we can see the areas faced and need improvements within the food establishment.

“Because it is obvious in Honiara that people often going in and out of food outlets that sometimes can emerge with diseases like bacteria.

“Or even the food process itself, how they prepare the food that looks at the equipment and the environment in which the food is process.

“These are the areas the exercise will focus and we will check each processes within the different food establishments or simply the food outlets,” he said.

Titiulu said as part of the food regulation act, responsible authorities must ensure that the functions mandated by the act are carried out.

“So we will go out and collect enough samples as we can from the food establishments we can conduct the exercise,” he said

Titiulu said this exercise will focus more on bakery, kaibars, restaurants, hotels, Ice-cream and ice-block factory, street vendors, schools vendors, water factory and other areas food are publicly sale.

He said after the sample exercise is completed, the samples will be tested to show the status of the food establishment in the city

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