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Guadalcanal to reopen CITREC program

Solomon Islanders that have arrived under CITREC partnership to strengthen Canada’s labour mobility.


Guadalcanal is working on reopening the once popular CITREC job opportunity in Canada.

“The task of reopening the CITREC program is ongoing,” Guadalcanal premier Francis Sade echoed.

He said under this the Canadian International Training and Education Corp (CITREC) and the Guadalcanal Provincial government are creating employment for Guadalcanal people.

He said 32 people from Guadalcanal were recruited to work in Canada under this scheme between 2014 and 2018.

“As much as we want to increase this, my administration needs to assess the costs and ensure that the Province and our people truly benefit from this program, especially in terms of the value of labour we provide and the anticipated financial returns,” Sade said.

He echoed the above statement this week at the commemoration of the Guadalcanal 38th Second appointed day anniversary.

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