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Growing concern over drunk youths in Auki




ALARM has been raised over unlawful drunken activities in the residential areas of the Malaita provincial town of Auki.

According to Auki Town Facebook Forum, residents are becoming distressed over such unlawful activities especially from drunk youths in their area.

The area said to be worse with the problem is Fasitoro, which is the biggest residential area in Auki town.

It articulated in the forum that youths both male and females continue to be part of the activities as well as some elders.

It said youths get drunk with alcohol not only on weekends, but almost every day.

A post reads that youths were “so disturbed with loud music, shouting and swearing from drunken youths almost every night”.

However, their appeal is for police to crack down on such unlawful activities among youths in the area and Auki town.

Meanwhile, it is also reported that concerned residents have already told police about the problem, but since then they have not received any response from police.

“I wonder if we have police role functioning in Auki,” says one commentator.

The forum appealed to police to be serious on this matter.

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