Gov’t & LOs happy with visit to Rennell


WORDS of thanks comes from the communities at Rennell as a result of the recent visit to Rennell Island by government ministers, led by the Minister for Mines & Energy Bradley Tovosia,

Community landowners and school teachers welcome the visit by the ministers and government officials as ‘timely, being very necessary and encouraging’.

Although the visit was very short, the objective of their visit has been met, which is to see and witness firsthand information on the mining operations on the ground and its effect on the environment and the people.

Much has been said on social media and print papers on mining but unless one pays a visit and set foot on the ground before they could understand the real impact and situation on the ground.

The visit also coincided with book donations to Tupuaki Primary School and New Place Secondary school.

The visit also gives an opportunity for the ministers to have a glimpse of the provincial headquarters which has run down tremendously.

Ministers and officials have also visited the company’s nursery programme which is aimed at reforestation of valuable and marketable tree species to sustain community financial capacity in the future.

This is a very important company policy initiative to assist communities assist themselves.

During their visit to the mine sites, the ministers were shown the Electronic Digital weighing scale which is used to weigh all soils which contain Bauxite.

Ministers shown sporting facilities built for the landowners (LOs)

The minister were told that all vehicles carrying or transporting these elements must go through the electronic digital weighing scale before transported to the ports for loading into shipping lines to be exported.

“This is necessary to give confidence to the landowners,” they were told.

The ministers were also shown the sports infrastructure and facilities the company has built and is continuing to build for the communities significantly the young sport enthusiast of Renbel Province.

“We are working in partnership with the landowners and communities to effect these initiatives, says the spokesperson of Bintan Mining SI Limited who had also accompanied the delegation during the visit,” the spokesperson for the company explained.

The company had also donated educational school books to the Tupuaki Primary School and to the New Place Secondary school in Rennell during the visit.

Both school head teachers of the schools have thanked Bintan Mining for their donations of these very important school materials.

Electronic scale showed to the visiting delegation. Photos supplied
Company’s nursery site the delegates were taken to.

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