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Gov’t close to getting Nickel mining projects running: Tovosia

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By Gary Hatigeva

MINISTER of Mines, Energy and Rural Electrification, Bradley Tovosia says the government is confident with the progress in which things are handled regarding the Nickel Mining Projects in Isabel province.

The Minister made this statement when responding to questions raised in Parliament yesterday where he was asked to update Parliament on the status of the projects and enlightened the house on the government’s policy on the projects.

Mr Tovosia said with the current position of the consultation and meeting stages, the government is close to getting the projects started and are hoping that identified companies finalise necessary requirements.

It is understood that the government has been holding thorough talks with landowners and also met with companies the resource owners have earmarked to operate in their tenements.

In his response, Tovosia confirmed that the government has had successful meetings and consultations with landowners where joint conclusions were extracted.

He also confirmed that his ministry has met with the investors whom he said are genuine mining operators and not middle agents and two of them have shown keenness to start off with the projects.

The operators include two companies from the Asian region and one from Australia.

He said it is also the government’s wish to see that this project eventuates as soon as possible but will have to ensure that all procedures and processes are followed and completed before operations can actually start.

Following much confusions and uncertainty in the Industry over the past decades, the government has chosen to set high focus on getting things right and that came with the projection of reviewing mineral exploration and mining in the country, which according to the minister, is now taking shape.

Under its policy statement and priority guide and following years of uncertainty in the industry, the government is looking to see the advancement of Nickel mining in Isabel and Choiseul provinces.

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