Good news for school fee payers



ANZ Bank has for the first time in the region digitalised school fee payment using ANZ goMoney banking.

That means parents can pay school fees conveniently using ANZ goMoney, the mobile banking platform of ANZ bank.

In a statement, the bank said school fees are among the biggest yearly expenses in Solomon Islands. “Paying school fees can take extensive travel planning and saving”.

Many parents have to take time out from work, some must catch boats to Honiara which can take around six to eight hours depending on weather conditions and up to US$25 per way.

Along with their expenses, they must also keep aside extra money for lodging and meals when staying in Honiara.

If they have not save enough for the journey, delays may occur in paying fees which would incur them additional charges.

Thus, to assist parents reduce some of the costs and time, ANZ and Pacific Financial Inclusion Programme (PFIP) have developed a digital solution to address these challenges.

The statement furthered that the platform is presently active in few schools in Honiara with plans to roll out nationwide in the pipeline.

“Parents do not have to physically go to the schools to pay the fees more. They reduce the efforts required to arrange cash or take a day off from their busy schedules.

“The advantage was that parents will find value proposition for digitised fees payment compelling.”

According to the statement another feature the digital platform allows is payment in instalments at parents’ convenience.

“So parents can now plan and save to pay the fees and avoid late payments of their children’s school fees.

“ANZ offices will help people on pursuance of the platform if require further information.”

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