Global environment issues to be taught at schools


 GLOBAL Environment issues can now be taught at the Solomon Islands National University and secondary sectors across the country as additional materials.

Minister for Environment, Climate Change, Disaster Management and Meteorology Dr Culwick Togamana officially launched and handed over the books to SINU’s Acting Dean on Thursday.

The textbook and Teacher Resource Guide entitled ‘Global Environment Awareness in Solomon Islands-Making the Connections’ is an outcome from the Integrating Global Environment Commitments in Investment and Development Decision Making (IGECIDDM) Project.

Ministry of Education and the SINU senate have endorsed the book materials to be used in the university and high schools throughout the country.

Officers signed up to collect the book materials

Togamana said they are useful materials and SINU lecturers and high school teachers should take ownership of it.

“I believe materials will enable students to think critically and understand how and why global environmental issues are affecting Solomon Islanders’ welfare socially, economically and environmentally,” he said.

He adds, the materials will better equip high school teachers to teach their pupils more effectively and enable the transfer of knowledge on environmental issues.

Togamana said environment taught at schools is necessary background knowledge to make informed decisions about use of the environment and the effect of human activities on the environment.

SINU’s Acting Dean for School of Natural Resources and Applied Science Dr Ramona Sulifo’oa said development of the materials is applicable to current and future generations.

She said the text book and teachers guide is important for SINU particularly the SNRAS and secondary sectors across the country.

“We thanked UNDP for organizing to give SINU 100 copies of the text book and the teachers resource guide and we look forward to future collaboration with the government and UNDP,” she said.

Minister Dr Culwick Togamana handing over the text book and teacher’s guide to the SINU’s Acting Dean for School of Natural Resources and Applied Science Dr Ramona Sulifo’oa along with PS Melchior Mataki and UNDP Country Manager Ms Azusa Kubota.

UNDP Country Manager Ms Azusa Kubota said, “Information in the text books will enable students to think critically about why global environmental issues (for instance global warming) should be a concern, how they affect our lives and what we can do as global citizens to mitigate the impact.

“The teacher’s resource guide will equip high school teachers to disseminate and transfer knowledge effectively, especially in the rural communities without access to resource materials.

“For citizens of a country that is vulnerable to climate-induced disasters, it is important to know that actions at the community level have direct impact on a global scale,” she said.

“Everything in today’s ever shrinking world is inter-connected, and attaining sustainable development requires citizens who think global, act local,” Kubota said.

Development of the materials is a result from the consultation of the REDD+/Rio Conventions awareness workshop conducted with teachers and student of Temotu in 2015.

Students shared environment topics are not taught much due to lack of resources such text books and internet catchment but with the books it ease the challenges.

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