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FSC launches three documents and toll-free line

FSC centre manager with three other attendees to yesterday’s launching event


FAMILY Support Centre yesterday successfully  launched three documents and a toll-free line aimed at enhancing services the centre has been providing for clients in the country.

The toll-free line is 699.

The three governing documents launched were Family Support Center Strategic plan 2022 to 2027, Gender Base Violence Training Manual and Gender Based Violence Committee Operational Manual.

Speaking at the lunching ceremony, Chairlady of the Family Support Center board Dolores Devesi said the FSC mission is to respond and protect survivors of violence to ensure prevention through advocacy of Gender Based Violence with partners and stakeholders.

“It is about prevention, responding and protection. Today (yesterday) we can celebrate all the hard work that has gone into tje development of FSC strategic plan 2022 to 2027.It aims to focus on the core mandate which is to prevent, respond and protect our families.

“This plan outlines our vision and strategic goals to help the organization our visions and strategic goals to make sure the organization realise its full potential and better fulfill its mission to serve the women, girls and families Gender Based Violence and domestic violence in Solomon Islands

“Our strategic plans ambitious. Our four strategic goals underpin our core business. Our Service provisions focuses on responses to Violence through essential services provided at the center,” Ms Devesi said.

She said the five years strategic plan set the course for use to be successful within a challenging and changing environment.

“FSC stands with all safenet partners and new partners in the campaign to eliminate Violence against women and girls until the end of implementing these five years,” Devesi said.

On the same note, Centre manager for FSC Lorio Sisiolo said the strategic plan was put together by the senior management team and staff after a team building and reflection workshop.

Mrs Sisiolo adds by thanking International Women Development Agency (IWDA) who have partnered with FSC in the development of the strategic plan.  

“It is a pleasure for me and the whole of the Family Support Center staff and board members to develop together this strategic plan that will pave the direction for our organisation in the next five years,” she said.

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