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Forestry receives 2 important documents

Dr Nishikawa hands over the MOFR Corporate plan and Long-term Policy for SFRM


THE Ministry of Forest and Research (MOFR) has received its Corporate plan 2023-26 and its long-term sustainable forest resources management (SFRM) policy.

The corporate plan 2023-26 details the forest policy, priority policy execution plans 2023-2026 and divisional activities and planning 2023-2026.

The long-term sustainable forest resource management policy speaks of the current status of forest resources and challenges of the Solomon Islands forest sector, vision and the long term policy of SFRM itself.

Dr Nishikawa Tatsuji, chief advisor JICA on Capacity Development for Sustainable Forest Resources Management in Solomon Islands, handed the two documents to the Permanent Secretary of MOFR, Dr Vaeno Vigulu.

Tatsuji said he is delighted to hand over the Corporate Plan 2023-26 and long term Policy for the SFRM project.

“I would like to hand over the Corporate plan 2023-2026 and the Long term Sustainable Forest Resource Management Policy compiled by the Technical Support Committee of the Ministry of Forestry and Research and the Japans International Corporation Agency –SFRM project after more than one year discussions, to the Ministry of Forestry Research Executive,” he said 

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