Flu in cabinet

Government work plan to counter coronavirus

THE National Government through the Ministry Of Health and Medical Services (MHMS) with other agencies is taking a leading role to manage and strategise on measures to combat coronavirus.

MHMS this week submitted a Strategy and Work Plan paper to the Cabinet for approval and endorsement to implement coronavirus Strategy and Work plan.

As a national security issue the government seriously considers key broad areas with the help of other relevant ministries and agencies.

These areas include points of entry, surveillance, laboratory, Clinical Management, Isolation/Supplies and Critical Centres, Community Enforcement, Quarantine/social and legal and Risk, Communication and Media.

MHMS will ensure proper management of our entry points and border posts for close monitoring of movement of our citizens and foreigners in and out of the country.

The support of Foreign Affairs & External Trade, Immigration, Biosecurity and Customs as well as other law enforcement agencies, are important to ensure Solomon Islands is well secured and protected from the virus.

Increased surveillance and monitoring of those suspected or found to have infected with the virus in the country and outside is equally important.

Therefore, the cooperation of all law enforcement agencies is important to ensure that we work together and coordinate our working efforts.  

MHMS is also looking at laboratory and facilities to be appropriate and available for testing purposes, should we are required to do so and other medical works.

With clinical management, isolation/supplies and critical centres, MHMS will ensure that the country has adequate supplies, drugs and masks to combat the virus, when required.

On Community Enforcement, Quarantine/social and legal, MHMS will also work with the public and community at large to be vigilant at all times and be pro-active and ensure that medical advice and instructions are heeded and compiled with.

MHMS noted that so much information and publicity on the coronavirus has gone out spiral on the social media and other outlets.

Hence MHMS will work with Government Communication to disseminate accurate information for public consumption and awareness.

Other relevant government ministries and agencies identified for the work plan include Ministry of Police National Security and Correctional Services, Ministry of Communication and Aviation, Biosecurity, Immigration, National Disaster and Management Office, World Health Organisation (WHO) and Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet.


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