Fellow Gospel Ministry assists Hacha SDA Church in Ulawa


Women members of Fellow Gospel Ministry with the kitchen utensils they are donating to the Hacha SDA Church in Ulawa Island.

THE Fellow Gospel Ministry of White River SDA Church has assisted the Hacha SDA Church in Ulawa island of Makira-Ulawa province.

The gospel ministry has donated kitchen utensils in response to a request made by the Hacha Church for assistance.

Choir Conductor and also a leader in the ministry, Ms Naelyn Aloma John said yesterday that they received a request from the church for assistance especially with kitchen utensils.

“After we received the request, our members came together and discussed how we could go about getting these things.

“We organised ourselves and finally we bought what we can to assist our colleague brothers and sisters with their request.

“So with us now we have cooking pots, dishes, cups, spoons, containers and other kitchen utensils that cost us thousands to get them.

“From now we are just waiting for any available transport to send them over to Ulawa,” she said.

Ms John thanks the members of the ministry for their efforts through their contributions making their assistance to their sister Hacha church possible.

She also acknowledged the Hacha SDA Church for their recognition of the ministry and urges them to continue keeping their relationship.

On the same note an elder within the ministry, Mr Walter Angikisunga Tesuatai said the ministry is well known for supports in the SDA Church both nationally and internationally.

He said some of the recent assistance they have provided include, raising funds for a church building in Vanuatu, a church in Fiji and various other assistances provided in the country.

Mr Tesuatai shares that apart from providing assistances to sister churches in-country and abroad, they also help communities.

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