Evidence climate change leads to species extinction

By Ezekiel Talatau

LOCAL environmentalists are raising the alarm on impacts that rising sea levels is having on the species diversity in the islands of Solomons archipelago.

Dr Patrick Pikacha, author of the acclaimed ‘Shore to Shore Wildlife and landscape of Solomon Islands’ book, said that Solomon Islands environment habitats are closing its door to extinction.

Recent studies from the University of Australia on sea level rise and a 13-year documented report by scientists have evidence that link sea level rise and boosted risk to wildlife.

The studies also reveal that five islands in Solomon Islands are recorded sinking below sea surface, predicted to be the first sign of some endangered species to be extinct at this stage.

To date, about 60 species of doves from Santa Cruz have been sent to Singapore; result from poor breeding sites for the doves to breed.

The Dove’s species were collected from Santa Cruz and sent by ship.

Due to this environmental phenomenal, human influence to environment is somehow the secondary cause endangered species to be extinct.

Dr Patrick added that government influence in the industries likes logging and mining in pursuits of countries economic gain have been mismanage, resulting in the widespread, damage to much of the country natural environments.

He added that the government need to think about the future of this country and be manageable to these last natives, untouched areas and hopefully allow logged over forest to regenerate.

There is still hope of saving some of the species if action was taken now.

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