East Malaita ward 15 voters call on Maelanga to visit them



REGISTERED voters from ward 15 in east Malaita constituency have made a call for their Member of Parliament to visit and explain the current development plan for voters in their ward.

They said there are rumours that the current MP will not be carrying out campaign programmes in their constituency in East Malaita.

“We urge you our good MP to come down to us in our constituency and explain our current development plans and our future plans for our constituency.”

The voters said that they also want the financial report of their constituency to be during the campaign period.

“As we are your people to bring you back into the Parliament as our representative in the government, we have great concern about our development plans in the constituency for both ward 15 and 16 in East Malaita constituency.”

Ward 15 is one of the most populated wards in East Malaita which shares boundaries with East Fataleka right down to Atori and along Aluta River.

Meanwhile speaking to Island Sun, MP for East Malaita and Opposition Leader, Hon Manasseh Maelanga said campaigning is a normal process in the election process.

“When the time comes, of course, it is a must for one to participate in this important process,” he said.

He also adds that there is a development plan for his constituency and the development plan is subjected to change according to situations.

“When the need arise and when situation changes, these things can also change,” he said.

Maelanga says that the campaign period is still a long way away and when the time comes and when approval is granted for the campaign period to start, he will use that time to speak to his people.

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