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Diarrhoea outbreak in Sikaiana, MPA calls for gov’t assistance

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A diarrhoea outbreak has been reported in Sikaiana, Malaita Outer Islands, which needs urgent medical attention.

The situation has been around for ‘few weeks’ and people are still waiting for any government medical assistance to the island.

Comments are being sought from the ministry of Health.

MPA for Ward 33 (Sikaiana), Ezekiel Teusa told this paper on Tuesday the situation is ‘fairly stable, but the outbreak remains among people on the island’.

He said he continues to keep in touch with people on the island via a two-way radio.

Teusa said making it worse the clinic on the island is without a health worker (nurse) after a nurse who was stationed there left earlier this year.

He adds that patients are left to medicate themselves with only paracetamol and Panadol.

Children and adults are affected alike, Teusa points out.

He called on the ministry of health for prompt response to the situation.

This paper understands that Malaita Provincial Health Authority held a meeting on Tuesday this week in Auki in preparation to respond to the outbreak in Sikaiana.

A medical team is reported to be leaving for Sikaiana via patrol boat today. The deployment is to respond to the outbreak and provide other health care services to the people.

After Sikaiana, the team will visit Luaniua and Pelau communities in Ontong Java.

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