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Court summons investigator

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THE investigator in the alleged burglary incident at Lungga has been summoned to appear in court on the next court appearance.

Principal Magistrate Augustine Aulanga summoned the investigator following the explanation made by the prosecution that they have emailed the investigator about the warrant of arrest issued against the defendants last year.

However, since then the investigator has not made any attempt to update the prosecution on the message sent.

The prosecutor told the court that the case was investigated by Henderson police.

This is the case against Margret Lingali, David Kereka and Charles Sanga.

The trio were charged in relation to an incident which occurred in 2016; it was said that the trio were stealing from a school store at Lungga.

The three defendants were still under warrant and the case is adjourned to next 14 days for the investigator to explain in court of the status of the case.

Police Prosecution Service is prosecuting the case.

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