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CIP hopes for NTF funding

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CENTRAL Islands Province (CIP) Provincial Government hopes to benefit this time round from the National Transport Fund (NTF) once budget is set.

CIP is the only province in Solomon Islands that has not benefited from the 2016 NTF under the Ministry of Infrastructure Development (MID).

This was revealed by CIP’s Premier Hon Patrick Vasuni after an awareness programme at Tulaghi held by NTF.

“During our consultation, they showed a slide informing us of the transport fund for roads, bridges and other infrastructure maintenances that all other provinces benefited from except Central Province,” said a very disappointed Premier.

According to the Premier, NTF have now got their views during the recent awareness in order to include and implement CIP’s needs towards development for infrastructures.

Some of the infrastructure developments that the province is eyeing Hon Vasuni made mention off are the airstrip to be developed at Mbokolonga, road maintenance around Tulaghi and the road to be developed from Rara to Boromole Villages to support shipping services and other areas.

“Though it may be challenging as there are many infrastructures to be funded for but one particular area developed is better than nothing at all,” said the Premier.

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