Cigarette candies

DEAR EDITOR, this is a contribution to the ongoing discussions on Cigarette Candies which hits the headline in your paper for the past few weeks.

As a concern citizen I agree with the fact that these candies must be remove from the selves and totally ban from further selling.

I do not see any reason why the government should take this lightly.

Our children in high schools already suffered the consequences of uncontrolled sales of cigarette and betel nuts on the streets of Honiara and out on provinces.

They chew betel nut whenever they wish too. We cannot deny the fact that these children start smoking on their very teen ages.

Cigarette Candy will attract children of very little of age to imitate way of smoking which in turn will force children into smoking.

Thus it is advisable for the Ministry of health, Honiara city council, quarantine and customs to step in and act on this issue without delay.

I think there should be a total removable of Cigarette Candies from the selves and the government should put in place laws to regulate certain import goods purposely for money making and only to deteriorate the future of our beloved Solomon Islands.

Brenda Sirobui

USP Honiara Campus

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