Choiseul province demands apology from MEHRD over staff’s unruly actions


THE ministry of education (MEHRD) is being asked to issue a public apology after one of its staff caused a ‘shameful’ ruckus in Taro, Choiseul province.

The MEHRD officer, attending the National Education Conference in Taro, was arrested over the weekend and placed in custody by police in Taro.

It is reported that the MEHRD official arrived in Taro on Saturday from Honiara and was clearly intoxicated (drunk).

It was reported that he drove away in the Premier’s vehicle without consent when the vehicle was parked in front of the Choiseul Province Chamber. The Premier and his executive members were said to be having their official meeting at that time.

They only learnt that the vehicle was missing much later. It was reported that they had no idea on who took the vehicle.

They were only able to locate the vehicle after public told them that a drunk man was using the vehicle of the Premier.

The Premier and another member rushed to where the vehicle was reported to be located and removed the MEHRD staff.

They took him with them and handed him over to Taro Police for further investigation.

John Matapaza, MPA, Minister of Lauru affairs when contacted to verify the incident, commented that MEHRD owes a public apology to the Premier, the provincial government, the general public of Taro and the people of Choiseul province for the incident.

He said this is a shameful incident when a senior post holder in the Public Service acted like ‘Rambo’ in their peaceful province, while the Government and people of Lauru are preparing to welcome and host their guests.

Taro is currently host to a national conference by education authorities from around the provinces. The conference’s official opening is today.

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