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Cervical cancer on the rise

Mr Michael Hou speaking at the forum.
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Cervical cancer is on the rise, it is revealed.

And, women and girls throughout the country are being urged to visit their nearest health centre for check-up.

This was revealed by Adolescent, Youth and Health (AYH) coordinator under Solomon Islands Planned Parenthood Association (SIPPA) during the 2017 National Women’s Forum second-day session yesterday at the Solomon Kitano Mendana Hotel.

Mr Michael Hou, while addressing the forum, said that SIPPA’s objectives are focused on improving and strengthening activity implementation, increasing coverage and expanding services and moving towards sustainability of activities.

He added that the clinical services SIPPA provides include general outpatient for everyone, family planning services for new couples and individuals, pregnancy tests for girls, VIA checkup for women and girls, clinical and general counselling for clients, STI check-up and treatment and infertility counseling.

Moreover, Hou stressed that at the moment the country is experiencing an increase in cervical cancer cases thus encourages that women and girls seek clinical attention.

He noted that this important for health and for a person to know her status on the disease.

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